• HERON COMPASS Patient Administration System (PAS)

  • HERON Integrated
    Public Health Surveillance

Patient Administration System (PAS)



• Affordable

• Functional

• Field-proven

• Entry-point

• Modular

• Interoperable

• Scalable

• Sustainable


HERON’s COMPASS is a functionally field-proven, evolutionary upgrade that builds on your existing systems. Training is minimal, allowing fast turnarounds.


The IT Standard

The HERON (Heron Technology Corp.) COMPASS PAS is a cost-effective IT solution for developing countries, and includes many modules such as: accident & emergency, admit/discharge & transfer, medical records, etc. It operates on UNIX and Linux, offering flexibility at a much lower cost. Middleware also provides for the data transfer/communication between application software modules in a Health Information System (HIS).

HERON COMPASS PAS is very easy to use, and guides the user through the whole process, eliminating errors and improving care. With more than 25 years in operation, and a 99.9% uptime operating efficiency, HERON COMPASS PAS operates on tablets, thin client systems, or via the web.


Overview of a Patient Administration System (PAS)

The starting point in any Health Information System – called eHealth by the WHO – is the Patient Administration System (PAS) module.


An HIS consists of more than 20, clinical and financial application software modules. The PAS provides the basis for establishing a database of patients and their history.


The diagram above presents an approximate allocation of financial resources required to implement an HIS. The HERON PAS and Public Health Surveillance software modules products incorporate the many system and design features developed at Canadian and Caribbean hospitals, and most importantly from valuable end-user feedback over 25 years equalling about 31,000 end-user years of field experience.



PAS Modules


Admitting / Discharge / Transfer

  • Controls the movement of inpatients within the hospital beginning with pre-admission to provide information on patients scheduled for admission
  • Provides the authorized system user with up-to-date information on patient status, expected admissions and discharges, overstays, and more
  • Provides information on hospital resource management such as bed availability, transfers and discharge data to the integrated Health Records Abstracting module or third party system


Ambulatory Care / Outpatients

  • Controls the movement of outpatients within the hospital starting with pre-registration to provide information on patients
  • Provides the authorized system user with up-to-date information on patient status, account balance, and history information
  • Provides information on hospital resource management such as Appointment Lists and Expired Bookings, and transfers registration data to the integrated Health Records Abstracting module or third party system for abstracting of Day Surgery visits.


Central Patient Index

  • The core module within the patient-tracking and patient-care area of healthcare facility management
  • Demographic information relating to inpatients, outpatients, surgical daycare and emergency patients is maintained in this database, along with the patient’s history at that facility


Diagnostic Imaging

  • Manages the hospital’s Radiology department by permitting the booking of appointments and the registration of patients
  • Processes requisitions, tracks film usage, generates the billing information, and produces statistics
  • Fully integrated to the patient-tracking modules as well as to the finance office modules of Accounts Receivable and government billing


Emergency Patient Information

  • Quickly processes patients arriving in the Emergency department
  • If the patient is admitted, the system automatically manages all of the pertinent data transfer and statistics


Health Records Abstracting

  • Receives, edits, and compiles selected patient-specific data for internal and external reporting
  • Ensures that information submitted to government agencies is accurate and reporting turn-around times are reduced

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