Testimonials and Feedback


Feedback from customers is very valuable, and HERON Technology Corp. is pleased to have received letters and comments in the press from customers attesting to their satisfaction with the products and services provided over the years. Excerpts from a selection of letters and comments in the press are below.


“... I can certainly vouch for the fact that the PAS is a stable ‘work horse’ and does a good job for a developing country/resource poor situation. There's always the human factor in terms of good maintenance, following up on resolving problems and performing back-ups, etc., but that is there with any system. Glad to know that the JISS and PAS have received so much acclaim.”

Sharon Arscott-Mills, USAID, Washington, D.C.


“Jamaica has an evidence-based public health approach...”

Hon. John Junor, Minister of Health (2004)


“The Heron JISS/PAS is, to the best of my knowledge, the first and probably still the only fully computerized, wide-area networked national surveillance system in the western hemisphere.”

Yvette Holder, Centre for Disease Control


“The improvements to our healthcare system have made life expectancy in Jamaica comparable to that which obtains in the developed countries of the world.”

Hon. Dr. Peter Phillips, Minister of Finance (former Minister of Health) (2012)


“The PAS/JISS, could be a model for other developing and developed countries."

Yvette Holder, CDC Fellow, and the JMOH study lead (2002),

Johns Hopkins U MPH



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